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Martial arts are definitely a fun and powerful way to teach children how to be confident about themselves and to increase their focus. We concentrate on giving our students a happier and a more balanced life.

Working on the ABC’s of life:

Attitude, behaviour and character building are things that we work on through learning Wing Chun Kung Fu. We work on building your child’s confidence and discipline which helps not only at home, and in school but also in life.

We like to help your child become a well-rounded and responsible individual.

Trust us, we know that teaching children to learn martial arts can be somewhat difficult, but our instructors just love coaching the fundamentals of martial arts. By teaching enjoyable, high energy classes, the Hastings Kung Fu School is able to give our students lesson’s that teach self-esteem, maturity and focus. Without question, we love teaching your son or daughter fun classes that will last a lifetime.

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Children’s Kung Fu Classes

Our children’s Kung Fu classes are split into two age groups.

For parents that want their child to learn self-defence, gain confidence, start a new hobby or get into shape,
the Hastings Kung Fu School is definitely the place to go.

John Tomlin is here to make sure that your child has more fun than ever before.
To make this happen, both teachers bring incredible amounts of positive energy.

Our children’s classes are split in to two groups,  little dragon’s class and our junior warrior’s class.
Both classes are fun, energetic, and structured to get the very best out of every child.

During the classes positive encouragement is giving to each child, we believe in building your child’s confidence not knocking it, we will never tell your
child there doing something wrong, but we encourage them to make a quick change in what they’re doing with a ‘quick swap hands’, followed by praise.

Kung fu schools works on a sash (belt) ranking system, we encourage children to work hard and stay focused on each individual’s goal.

“A black sash, is a white sash that never gave up”.

Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 4-7

“Little Dragons”

The Little Dragons classes are a great introduction to martial arts focusing on fun, encouragement and character building. We love to reward the children for their achievements both during classes and for doing well in activities outside of the Kung Fu classroom.

The Little Dragon’s Programme is structured to teach very important skills which will help them in every area of their life. Each grading requires the children to focus on activities that will keep them sharper, more focused, and better developed physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Ensuring that a child remains confident is paramount. Children will be made to feel comfortable in classes and we aim to bring out the best in every student allowing each of them to shine in their own way.

All of our classes are taught in a friendly fun environment and all instructors are fully trained and CRB checked.



Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”


In our fun-filled martial arts classes, for 8-12 year olds, we teach the fundamentals of self-defence, including punching and kicking, we work on a structured curriculum using foot work drills as well as weapon defence and working with partners.

Juniors also work through the grading system, which encourages them to stay focused and work towards their goal.

At the age of 8, children will be in the junior class until the age of 12. They can start to learn more awesome moves, while still building confidence. We definitely love teaching children this incredible martial art and seeing them develop totally rocks!

We feel the most important thing is that your child walk away from each lesson feeling like they have had a fun class, and excited to come back to learn more.



Our Kung Fu Family

As a family run Kung Fu school, Hastings classes are taught by an amazing father.

Being a family operated school, our team always makes sure that the kids are having a great time. Offering different martial arts classes, all of our lessons are exciting and full of fun. At the Hastings Kung Fu School’s, we live to improve your child’s confidence and focus. Providing classes to children of all ages, we have the ability to reach kids with all kinds of personalities.

Separated into different ages, John Tomlin loves being a part of your child’s growth and maturity.

Adult Kung Fu Classes

People come to the martial arts for many reasons, and we try to provide everybody with an opportunity to become the martial artist they want to be. Our classes are non-competitive, and focus on development of skill, body awareness, and self-confidence. Our instructor team have many years of experience in helping people go far beyond what they thought they could achieve.

Our progressive syllabus and grading structure allows you to progress at your own pace, and is as much about personal development as it is martial skill. The broad knowledge base and experience of our instructor team means we can make the most of your strengths to get maximum improvement in other areas. Experience has shown us that training in the martial arts has positive benefits far beyond the basics of self-defence, and we can provide tools that have a positive effect on your life outside of martial arts.



The Hastings Kung Fu School loves to give our students a positive reward system. We also work with each child to set a goal and help them work hard to achieve it. We work on your child’s strengths to help boost their confidence and their self-esteem. Working toward getting a black belt, our students always have fun along the way.

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