Children’s Kung Fu Classes

Our children’s Kung Fu classes are split into two age groups.

For parents that want their child to learn self-defence, gain confidence, start a new hobby or get into shape,
the Hastings Kung Fu School is definitely the place to go.

John Tomlin is here to make sure that your child has more fun than ever before.
To make this happen, both teachers bring incredible amounts of positive energy.

Our children’s classes are split in to two groups,  little dragon’s class and our junior warrior’s class.
Both classes are fun, energetic, and structured to get the very best out of every child.

During the classes positive encouragement is giving to each child, we believe in building your child’s confidence not knocking it, we will never tell your
child there doing something wrong, but we encourage them to make a quick change in what they’re doing with a ‘quick swap hands’, followed by praise.

Kung fu schools works on a sash (belt) ranking system, we encourage children to work hard and stay focused on each individual’s goal.

“A black sash, is a white sash that never gave up”.