Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”

[ut_one_half]juniors-pic[/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]In our fun-filled martial arts classes, for 8-12 year olds, we teach the fundamentals of self-defence, including punching and kicking, we work on a structured curriculum using foot work drills as well as weapon defence and working with partners.

Juniors also work through the grading system, which encourages them to stay focused and work towards their goal.

At the age of 8, children will be in the junior class until the age of 12. They can start to learn more awesome moves, while still building confidence.  We definitely love teaching children this incredible martial art and seeing them develop totally rocks!

We feel the most important thing is that your child walk away from each lesson feeling like they have had a fun class, and excited to come back to learn more.