Welcome to the Kung Fu Schools Hastings

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[ut_one_half_last]Martial arts are definitely a fun and powerful way to teach children how to be confident about themselves and to increase their focus.  We concentrate on giving our students a happier and a more balanced life.

Working on the ABC’s of life:

Attitude, behaviour and character building are things that we work on through learning Wing Chun Kung Fu. We work on building your child’s confidence and discipline which helps not only at home, and in school but also in life.

We like to help your child become a well-rounded and responsible individual.

Trust us, we know that teaching children to learn martial arts can be somewhat difficult, but our instructors just love coaching the fundamentals of martial arts. By teaching enjoyable, high energy classes, the Hastings Kung Fu School is able to give our students lesson’s that teach self-esteem, maturity and focus.  Without question, we love teaching your son or daughter fun classes that will last a lifetime.