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Junior Warriors Syllabus Training

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Here is a collection of syllabus training videos for our Junior Warrior and Advanced Junior Warrior students to practice from at home. The videos complement the techniques covered in our weekly classes and we will continue to regularly update this page with more recordings as we progress through the syllabus. We have recorded scenarios showing techniques as solo drills as well as showing them as partner work. We recommend that you watch one, then practice a few times until you are confident with them before moving onto another one. Yes it’s good to develop speed, but when the shapes start to lose their skill because you’re going too fast too soon the techniques may not necessarily work effectively; that’s why it’s best to work the techniques. Please keep in mind that PERSEVERANCE and REPETITIVE PRACTICE is key. If you have any questions about this training or you are finding it difficult to follow, then please get in touch with us; we are here to help you progress not to put you under pressure. Have fun!


These syllabus training videos are designed to accompany our Junior Warrior and Advanced Junior Warrior lessons. They include defense techniques that may be applied to counter high and low grabs, all are fundamental Kung Fu techniques and we feel, very important to practice repeatedly to improve reactions as well as developing better reflexes. Balance and co-ordination are also tested to train better focus and breathing.

Completing this syllabus will help:

  • Focus and concentration
  • Co-ordination and instinctive defense techniques
  • Targeted strikes and counters under pressure
  • Improvement on rapid, controlled responses
  • Regaining safety space and control of the situation

defense against single and double arm grabs

Head Guard – Defense Training Drills x 3

Head Guard – Defense Against Punches

Head Guard – Defense And Counter Punches

Head Guard – Defense And Knee Strikes

Defense Against Reverse Grab (Bear Hug)

Defense For Applied Reverse Grab (Bear Hug)

Defense Against Waist Grab (A)

Defense Against Waist Grab (B)

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