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Our next Grading Week is in

It's now time to show us how much you've learned! Have fun and enjoy your grading. You've been invited for good reason.

How do I Grade?

We often get a lot of questions from students about Gradings, so this page should answer all of the important points.

The Grading structure is split into 10 student grades for our Little Dragons and 12 student grades for our Junior Warriors and Adults. Each structure is split into 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

We use a rotating syllabus, covering a specific set of skills over a two month period, and at the end of that two months students can grade on that material.

Whichever syllabus you run through from the beginning once you’ve joined us, that’ll be the material that will be used for your first grade. Other students in the beginner class may be doing a different grade to you, but at the Grading everybody works through the same material, and the higher your grade the better you’re expected to be at the material!

In addition to the syllabus material, there’s also all the fundamentals covered in class such as punches, footwork and the forms.

What happens in a Grading?

The Grading takes place at our Hastings venue, at Horntye Park at the normal class times for children and adults. Little Dragons and Junior Warrior Gradings last for 30 minutes while Junior Warriors Advanced Gradings are 1 hour covered over 2 sessions during Grading Week. Adult Gradings are 1 hour 30 minutes, also covered over 2 sessions during Grading Week. This is due to the amount of material needed to be covered. Adults from Grade 5 will need to attend a separate Grading event hosted by Master Paul at Kung Fu Schools Crawley which normally last for 2 hours and will also need to be booked.

Students will work pretty consistently during that time. We like to ensure a timely start, so we ask everybody taking part in a Grading to be ready to go at the set time, full uniform on and Grading Form completed. 

You will be given a brief warm up, and then it’s into punches and footwork. This continues until the instructors are satisfied with everybody’s performance, then they will run through the form using the section splits. Once again, when the instructors are satisfied they will move on to the syllabus material for the allocated time.

When will I be Grading?

We, your instructors, will invite you to grade when we believe that you are ready by competently and independently demonstrating the material learned from the syllabus. We encourage everybody to grade as the syllabus has been put together to give you usable tools at the beginning and then to take you through to the more classical elements of the system. By grading regularly you get a better sense of your progression, where you are heading and what you need to be concentrating on to improve and develop your skills.

As you move through the system and into the Black Belt level the Black Belt Grades will get slightly more complicated regarding the material covered for your Grading. Rest assured that by then you’ll be clear about the material when you get there.

Please complete our Grading Form

Students due to grade are sent an emailed invitation. They include the link to the online Grading Form and the link to make an online payment. When completed this form is sent directly to us at Kung Fu Schools Hastings and when we have received your payment you will then be sent a receipt. If you wish to participate in the Grading we must have this form completed with payment sent to us before you are due to grade. Please make sure that you are ready and prepared for the full session in order to be properly tested on the material you’ve been learning. Thank you for your help and co-operation.

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Please click on the link below to complete our online Grading Form

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