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Little Dragons Syllabus Training

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Here is a collection of syllabus training videos for our Little Dragon students to practice from at home. The videos complement the techniques covered in our weekly classes and we regularly update this page with more recordings as we progress through the syllabus. Whilst we do cover a range of scenarios there are so many techniques we could apply so we always aim to record as many as we can to keep the training as fun and varied as possible. We have recorded many techniques as solo drills as well as showing them with a partner to demonstrate their practical applications. We recommend that students watch one, then practice a few times until you are confident with them before moving onto another one. It’s tempting to watch as many as you can to get as much information in a short space of time. Please keep in mind that PERSEVERANCE and repetitive PRACTICE is key.


These syllabus training videos are designed for our Little Dragons; Beginners and Intermediates. It takes you through the understanding of defending against various grabs. Options for passive re-directs and responsive self-defense will be demonstrated, targeted strikes and discussion how an opponent may react to determine any follow up techniques. Various footwork will also accompany all of the techniques.

Completing this syllabus will help:

  • Defend against varying grabs by blocking and re-directing the opponent using the hands, arms and various footwork
  • Develop self-awareness and create a safe distance
  • Deliver a variety of strikes from various angles and positions
  • Improve responses, reflexes, co-ordination and focus

Head Guard (Defense Drills x 3)

Head Cover and Knee Defense

Defence Against Shoulder/Neck Grab

Shoulder Grab Defence Variation

Defence Against Bear Hug – Preemptive

Defence Against Bear Hug – Applied

Defence Against Waist Grab (A)

Defence Against Waist Grab (B)

Defence Against The Leg Grab (A)

Defence Against The Leg Grab (B)

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