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Re-Opening Safety Guidance

When we are safely able to re-open at Horntye Park we will be maintaining our procedures and protocols in accordance with current government guidance so that we can ensure the safety of students, families, on-site staff and instructors. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the guidance below before you attend any of our classes. If we continue to work together through these difficult times we can then all enjoy training safely and ensure a long a happy future for our school.

Current procedures in place

  • We have a ‘Hygiene Station’ in place with gloves, tissues, hand sanitiser and face masks but we do advise that students bring their own face masks and hand sanitiser with them
  • Before and after every class we are cleaning all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes, we will not be using any equipment or mitts/pads
  • We have a one-way system in place so when students are asked to come in they will be guided through one door and shown to their socially distanced spots on the floor, then at the end of the class students will then be guided to the exit for safe pick-up
  • Everyone will need to observe the social distancing rules
  • Toilet facilities are available, they are located at the front of the building, there is a one-in-one out rule, toilets are marked Male and Female
  • Instructors will continue to carry out regular risk assessments as situations arise at Horntye Park and government guidance changes to give all student’s and their families peace of mind – our current risk assessment is available below
  • Instructors have completed Basic First Aid and Covid-19 courses and hold certifications
  • All students and free trial students attending classes will need to complete our online Student/Parent Consent form and Online Training Waiver
  • We are now paperless so all payments, direct debit mandates, grading forms and communications are controlled online

Upon arrival to classes

  • Students will need to arrive ready in Kung Fu uniform, students are not permitted to change clothing or footwear in the classroom area
  • Students and parents will need to arrive no more than 5 minutes early for classes, this is to avoid waiting time and congestion outside the classroom area and entrance and exit doorways
  • Parents and students will need to wait outside, social distanced until students are called into the classroom and guided to their spots
  • We are not permitting any spectators in the classroom during the lessons so parents/guardians will need to either wait outside, socially distanced or in their cars. Please keep in mind that there may be other parents with children attending external clubs at Horntye Park so please maintain the distancing rules.
  • Students will be shown to the ‘Hygiene Station’ on arrival to make use of the hand-sanitiser, masks, gloves and tissues will be provided if needed
  • Students will then be guided to their spots to maintain a safe distance while training and must remain at their spot throughout the duration of the class
  • Students must wear sensible training shoes or plimsolls. No bare feet allowed!
  • If you bring a bottle of water please keep it close to your spot because for the safety of classmates we cannot allow students to wander around the classroom to retrieve their drinks
  • At the end of class, students will need to wait for the instructors to guide them to the exit door for safe pick-up
  • Please try not to touch anything on the way in or out of class
  • Parents need to arrive promptly at the exit door to collect children at the end of their class
  • If you or your child feel in any way unwell before class it’s very important that you remain at home – students can join an online lesson if they feel well enough to do so
  • If you feel in any way unwell during the class it’s very important that tell your instructor and your parent will be notified immediately
  • In the event of Basic First Aid needing to be carried out in a lesson our safety protocols will be followed. Both instructors and students will wear a mask, gloves and eye protection to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Attendance is recorded for every class using our online NEST attendance system so that in the event of a student confirming a Covid-19 test, we will be able to contact all parents/guardians with whom the student has been in contact with. We will then follow the NHS track and trace protocol as advised by the Government. The student, who will not be named, and their family will also need to adhere to the track and trace protocol.
  • Should you feel ill or experience any of the symptoms of Covid-19 YOU MUST contact us IMMEDIATELY and seek medical advice by calling 111 or using the NHS 111 Online system or get in touch with your GP. It is important to remember that if you are completing a Covid-19 test and you have been attending classes please let the instructors know if it is positive or negative. We will not disclose any personal information about any student being tested. If the test is positive the instructors and the student will need to follow the NHS Track and Trace protocols as mentioned above.
  • If you or your bubble have been exposed to Covid-19 you will need to contact us immediately and self-isolate for 10 days and it is imperative that you do so. If you develop Covid-19 symptoms during isolation and complete a test you must contact us immediately with the results. This is to ensure the health and safety of all members, instructors of the school, on-site staff and to prevent further closure. There are students, family members and instructors that fall into the vulnerable category and so your co-operation with this is vitally important.

It’s also important to note: we will be continuing our online Zoom lessons at the same time as the physical classes from Horntye Park. The Zoom classes will be available for any student who is vulnerable or not able to return to physical class, no students in the classroom at Horntye will be shown on camera in a Zoom live class. The camera on the laptop will be facing us, the instructors only. Online lessons will also be helpful for students who may find it difficult to attend due to other commitments. We will also be continuing to maintain our fully interactive website including the training videos, online grading forms and everything else that has now become available to students during lockdown.

Thank you all for your constant support and encouragement during this challenging time, it is much appreciated. 

here is a copy of OUR RISK ASSESSMENT – Updated 14th september 2020

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